Castelluccio di Norcia  with flower fields is a true miracle of nature.

The Sibillini Mountains  is located in Italy between the Marche and Umbria.

In the spring the extraordinary spectacle of Mother Nature begins. Each year, from the last days of May to mid-July, the flowering gives rise to an explosion of colors: all the fields of the Sibillini Mountains form a vast carpet of colorful flowers, the colors continually changing. The stunning view seems straight out of a fairy tale. A magical and enchanting landscape

Bold colors, beautiful geometry, stunning views and the feeling of a fairy tale ... Many times I've seen pictures of these color flower fields, but the reality still exceeded my expectations. There are fields of the cornflowers and poppies, daisies and wild orchids, as are plenty of other flowers whose names I do not even know. And the smell ... pure, delicate honey.

The charm of these places has always resulted in many fantasies in the minds of visitors and people who live there. By the end of the 14th century, they were portrayed as the land of necromancers, fairies and demons of all kinds.

According to the legend, in the III century BC priestess, prophetess Sibyl Kuman, preferring the silence, settled in a cave on the southern slope of the mountain.  The cave is located next to a small lake, and it is believed that the one who will stay there for more than a year become immortal and timeless, will always live in abundance and without troubles.

Locals always revered Sybil as a good fairy, whose entourage from time to time descended from the mountains to the village, and Sybil herself danced saltarello with the most beautiful guys. The story goes that one day during the holiday fairies forgot about the time and did not notice the approaching dawn. Rushing into the mountains, they began to climb the Monte Vettori and in a hurry just a few rocks crumbled into small pieces. Fortunately, the fairies had to go back into the cave before the sun rose, and a long rock fragments still called "Path Fay."

We were inspired by the beauty of Castelluccio di Norcia and legend of fairy Sybil.

Crown Beretkah
Dress Vesssna
Model Silvia
Idea and planning Beautiful Umbria