The story is inspired by the famous painting Primavera.

The "Primavera" is one of a series of mythological works executed by Botticelli after his return from Rome in 1482. The painting was commissioned by a cousin of Lorenzo Medici, Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco, who was to become a faithful patron of Botticelli's work.

 The picture celebrates the arrival of spring and is filled with mythological symbolism. Venus, Goddess of Love, is in the centre of an orange grove on her left Flora, Goddess of Flowers and Spring, appears clad in garlands of flowers. Next to Flora is the nymph Chloris, she is pursued by Zephyrus, God of Wind, who has a burning passion for her. The Roman poet Ovid describes Chloris as transforming into Flora, Goddess of Flowers, symbolising the beginning of spring, and Botticelli has placed both figures side by side within the same painting.

The Allegory of Spring is a very refined work of art. The naturalistic details of the meadow (there are hundreds of types of flowers), the skillful use of the color, the elegance of the figures and the poetry of the whole, have made this important and fascinating work celebrated all over the world.


Production, Creative Direction & Styling : Pearl & Godiva | Hair Stylist and Make Up Artist : Lara Navarrini | Gowns : Bespoke Tulle Cape and Lace Negligee for Pearl & Godiva by Girl with a Serious Dream, Veil by Girl with a Serious Dream : Silk Muslin Low Neck Gown by Delphine Manivet ; Sheer Antique Lace Gown by Shop Gossamer ; Gold Gown with Embroidery ​supplied by ​Covet Boutique ; Pale Green Grecian Gown by Alexandra Grecco ; White Beaded Sheer Watters Gown supplied by Myrtle Ivory Boutique | Jewellery : Kristin Hayes Jewellery : Hand Bracelet : Sage and Stone LA : Raw stone ring : ByAngeline on Etsy | Antique Collars : Famille Ribeaucourt | Florals : Saipua | Decor : Silver Pieces by Helene Millot ; Sheer Runner and Ribbons by Silk & Willow | Stationery : Brown Linen Design | Models : Ieva and Alicia at Distinct Model Management ; Daphne at Esprit Models, Firenze | Shot on location at La Badia Di Orvieto, Italy.

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